Assessments & Reports

 Treatment Reports (WorkCover, TAC, VOCAT etc.)

As part of the therapy process, clients may sometimes require treatment reports to be prepared. Our psychologists typically prepares treatment reports for compensable clients for a fee. In most cases, clients would have already had a number of sessions in treatment and this treatment report would be requested by their legal representatives, insurance agents or government funding body.

(Note on 14th May 2019, our quota for compensable clients are currently filled; we recommend discussing with you GP re: referral to another service). 

We are currently in the process of building our team to conduct independent psychological assessments. Until then, we are unable to provide independent psychological assessments and reports as a stand-alone i.e. without therapy.

We understand that clients' difficult circumstances may require them to obtain letters/reports as evidence of their mental health condition and treatment received, to satisfy the different requirements for various Centrelink funding. Please note that we will only provide these letters if a client is has attended for therapy for a number of sessions and is known well by their psychologist. The final decision to approve funding and payments for clients is still up to Centrelink.

Independent Psychological Assessment & Reports

Centrelink Letters & Reports

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