Referral Process

    GP Referral
You may choose to visit your GP for a referral to Bright Mind Psychology. There are a few options:
GP Mental Health Treatment Plan
(Formerly GP Management Plan)
Under this plan, up to 10 psychology rebates are available to you per calendar year. After the 6th session, your psychologist will advise you to return to your GP for a review, who will then decide if you need the further 4 sessions for the year. In this process, your psychologist will be writing to update your GP with brief summaries on your attendance and your subsequent progress in treatment.
Unfortunately, our TAC, WorkCover and
VOCAT spots are currently fully (14th May 2019)

    Self Refer



You can self refer simply by calling 9704 7244. This means that a full fee will apply and that there are no rebates claimable.

Some of our clients choose to do this if they are not eligible for Medicare cover or they do not have a Mental Health Care Plan prepared.


Other clients continue to see us after they have claimed all the 10 Medicare sessions that are available per calendar year and feel that they require more sessions.


Others may be on a private health coverage for psychology sessions. 

Please call 9704 7244
if you are unsure about
which referral options are suitable for you.

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