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Are you a busy individual?

Bright Mind Psychology is a small online practice dedicated to assisting career and family-focused individuals with quality mental wellbeing skills using evidence-based methods. The life stories that you share are a privilege. If you are a busy adult feeling overwhelmed or are looking to improve and grow in your mental health journey, I welcome you to get in touch.


My name is Helen

Clinical Psychologist and Wellbeing Coach

Chien Ya (Helen) Su

Registered Clinical Psychologist

MPsych (Clinical)

Member of Australian Psychological Society

Psychology Board Australia Registry

Since starting my career in 2009, I have had the privilege of providing individualised and evidence-based therapy to suit the unique characteristics, values and life stories of many.

My own story began in the mid 80s in a humble little town with big oil industry aspirations in the culturally and biodiversed island of Borneo. Some formative years later, armed with a singular work ethic and nothing but the aspirations of a family's history of global migration, it is Australia that I chose to call my second home.

In the 15 years of practicing and experiencing psychology, I have come to approach therapy in an informative and relaxed manner, with occasional humour. Taking a 'big on knowledge and challenge-through-nurture' stance, I strongly believe that understanding human thoughts, emotions and behaviours is a study which requires both a scientific and compassionate mind.

After rigorous and colourful experiences in complex clinical presentations, drug and alcohol services, community services and private practice, I am excited to have found my passion in assisting busy individuals who perform high-wire balancing acts in their everyday lives. Recognising and embracing that 'the helper deserves help too' has been both professionally and personally illuminating.

Other than being a mental health enthusiast, you may find me on a foodie hunt, travelling, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. I am also a fan of Survivor and all things artistic gymnastics, novels, and anything music.

I look forward to meeting you!

How can I help?

Psychological Therapy and Wellbeing Coaching

Like an experienced mechanic or a preferred teacher,
every psychologist works differently.

Digital Book

The Therapies

Here are some of my favourite evidence-based therapies and approaches we can draw from:

Schema Therapy
Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

Positive Psychology
Grief and Bereavement Counselling
Mindfulness practice
Relaxation techniques (various)


50-minute sessions available
80-minute sessions available (EMDR)

Online counselling

The Topics

These are some topics clients have brought to the table:

Depression &/Anxiety
Personal/Intergenerational Trauma
Workplace stress
Career development
Family dynamics/relationships
Family of origin challenges
Career development
Burnout/Work-life balance
Cultural adjustment
Personal growth
Self-esteem and confidence

Beach Party

The People

Here are the population groups who have shared their journey so far:

Stay-at-home parents
Medical professionals
Fellow allied health members
Teachers and educators
First responders
Academics and scientific community
Business and corporate executives
Career moms and dads
Young adults - early career
Second generation Australians (particularly of Asian backgrounds)


"Psychology is a stage where
Art and Science dance the night away"

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